Greek Avantgarde Black Metal act AENAON has inked a deal with code666, a sublabel of Aural Music  for the release of the group’s debut album, “Cendres et Sang. The effort has been Mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll at Strype Audio (Emperor, Dhg, 1349) and is tentatively due in june 2011.  Formed in 2005 and quickly amassing a solid fan-base with its breed of experimental and original black metal, AENAON has released two critically acclaimed EP’s (2009’s “Phenomenon” and 2010’s “A Parallel Zoetrope”).

Commented frontman and original member Astrous: “We were looking for a deal for this album following our split with Bleak Art records, and code666 stepped up and laid out exactly what we wanted. We could not be happier. Code666 is an established label, home to many impressive and qualitive acts, specialized in the avant-garde black metal field, discovering bands such as Ephel Duath, Aborym, Negura Bunget, Diabolicum, Fen, Amesoeurs, The Axis Of Perdition…  code666 are in the fray to provide us with the support we need to release our album in the best way. Regarding our album, expect an essential music journey that crosses the black metal feeling with the experimental needs of free thinking musicians; Lyrical themes  are reflecting the humanity as a whole and explores the labyrinth of psychotic disorders, the forms of life and death….”

Cendres et Sang” (translating “Ashes and Blood”) has been recorded between April of 2010 and the February of 2011 and took place in more than 5 studios, while the mastering of the album was done by Tom Kvalsvoll at Strype Audio in Norway, famous from his works with bands such as DHG, Code, Emperor, 1349, Virus, Keep of Kalessin, Ihsahn and many more.  The cover artwork (above) for Cendres et Sang is illustrated by the visionary Polish artist Lukasz Wodynski.

Video teaser of the album is online here:

The album will feature the following track listing:

1. Kafkaesque

2. Suncord

3. Psychonautic Odyssey

4. Grand Narcotic Harvest (feat. V’gandr of Helheim)

5. Once Finite

6. Carnivora’s Lair

7. Necroscope

8. Kraanerg

9. Black Nerve

10. In Heaven (cover from David Lynch’s movie Eraserhead)

Croatian avant-garde black metallers Johann Wolfgang Pozoj have announced a street date for their first code666 release – Birth of Pozoj. J. W. Pozoj was formed in 2004 with the band’s name being derived from (pre) Indo-European myth about a dragon (Pozoj) and its later mythological and lingual derivations. Birth of Pozoj, the first part of the Pozoj Trilogy, was originally recorded and released in 2006, and was now re-recorded featuring the line-up as it was formed in 2007 – with Ivan Borcic Boro on vocals and Slaven Milic on bass. Birth of Pozoj will hit the streets worldwide on May 16th via code666 records. The cover artwork for the CD can be seen below, and the album will also be available in a very limited edition with handmade  textile CD-boxes.