Belgian Black Metallers SAILLE have set “Eldritch” as the title of the third full-length album. The CD is currently being recorded and cover artwork will be created by Negakinu a Dutch based designer who will develop the band to a new level. Saille vocalist Dennie Grondelaers: ”We have created what we hope will be a step up from ‘Ritu’. A tight concept, with the right audial and visual stimulation, our most interesting lyrics to date and the best songwriting thus far. Saying that we’re excited would be an understatement.”
The album will again be released by Code666/Aural Music on November 10th 2014, through a Belgian releaseshow. the band will also perform on Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014 (December 12/13, Eindhoven [NL]) among bands as Tryptikon, At The Gates, Unleashed and many others.
Regarding the new Saille album title, Grondelaers says: ”Since the beginning of storytelling, man has been fascinated with the fearful, the uncanny and the weird. Things that go bump in the night. Things that in their very nature can best be described as ‘Eldritch’. With our newest release we will not be breaking new ground when it comes to original concepts and we don’t want to. What we do want is to give the listener a brief introduction to several of the best ‘Eldritch’ works of fiction that exist. Some of them contemporary, others written around the turn of the previous century and one or two considered highly influential classics. But none of them should ever be forgotten. For how much fun would a world without a little bit of fear be?”

code666 (the black metal sublabel of Aural Music group) is proud to announce the signing of New York City iconoclastic black metallers Imperial Triumphant to a multi album worldwide deal.
Orchestrating vanguard black metal since 2005 and citing influences from Deathspell Omega to Polish Post-Serialism Composer Krzysztof Penderecki, Imperial Triumphant is now working on their new album ‘Abyssal Gods’ scheduled for early 2015. here’s what frontman Ilya had to say about the new deal: “Imperial Triumphant is honored to be working with a label with such a rich history of great releases.  We are excited to add another to their catalogue.”
this summer code666 will release ‘Shrine to the Trident Throne’ , a collection of their obscure, independent early works.