Our kult sublabel code666 will soon re-release the long time sold out album “Awaken” from Nordvargr in a new, revamped edition, strictly limited to 500 copies. Commented Mr. Nordvargr: ” Right now I am finishing the mixing of the re-issue of the “Nordvargr debut album” Awaken. This is a very important album to me, not only because it was the first solorecordings I did under my own namne, but also because I recorded them during very hard personal times. It was recorded during the summer of 2002, and I was recording this music at night instead of sleeping. I recently realised that I did not use a lot of the materials I recorded before I started to actually compose the album. Many weeks were spent doing fieldrecordings, and many hours of DAT tapes were recorded… but never used. So now I have used these old recordings again to create new soundscapes in the same vein as the original album. I have also remastered and re-edited the old masters to sound better than before – I have always disliked the final mix of Awaken, but no more… it is now finally coming together as it was intended. Add some 20+ minutes of new material made from the same sources as the original recordings and you have an album that is sure to disturb your sleep. Again.”

CHD are working very hard recording the second album for Code666. Although they had some misfortune and line-up changes the last couple of years they never stopped writing music. As a result they have written more music to fit one album and some of it is quite different than stuff they opt for the follow-up of ‘Terminal World Perspective’. They decided to record those tracks alongside the recording of the new album and to release them on a regular bases. That’s right, brand new material from CHD free of charge! The songs can be streamed or downloaded in high resolution formats from their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. The goal of this venture is that in the end we’ll have a complete “alternative album” online, packed with strange and rare CHD stuff we wouldn’t release otherwise in the near future. The first result of this idea is ‘Outside the Universe’, a slow ambient-like track with real drums, washed-out guitars, deep vocals and a lot of synths.