“Gleefully ignoring the terms of their restraining order, The Axis of Perdition have re- entered the studio to record the follow-up to 2009’s most disappointing album “Urfe: parts I and II”. Threatened as far back as 2006 in an over-optomistic press release, the band have promised that the new opus entitled “Tenements” will alienate, confuse and disappoint their three remaining fans and deliver a crushing conclusion to Urfe’s story that will demand an aggrieved response from lovers and haters of “Urfe” alike. As for the odds of the band delivering the album as promised by the original planned release date of Spring 2008… well, they’re not good are they? Let’s leave it at that.  Following their inexplicable willingness to be involved in the band’s live incarnation, guitarists Chris Walsh and Richard Brass, otherwise of Wodensthrone, will be bringing an overdue measure of competence to the recording process, additional noise sculpting will be provided by Eastern Europe’s rustiest export Haeresis and Les will be back to give his unique voice to Urfe. They should all really know better by now. ”Tenements” is due to ripen in Spring 2011 on code666 records.”