Aural Music is happy to announce the signing of  Funeral Doom project MESMUR to our cult sublabel code666.
An echoing thud in the chamber of human suffering, Mesmur tries to capture the sounds of a world that was doomed from the beginning. Blending influences ranging from the funerary dirges of Evoken to the mesmerizing atmosphere of Neurosis, Mesmur shows versatility in a genre where simplicity usually reigns.
On the eponymous debut album, Mesmur weaves five tapestries of dread and despair, totalling about 52 minutes of runtime. Lyrical subject matter ranges from themes of isolation and paranoia, to death and loss, to cosmic cataclysm and the destruction of human society, and the album as a whole carries an almost Lovecraftian feeling of hopelessness for humanity in the face of uncontrollable horrors.
here’s what mastermind Yixja had to say about signing the contract: “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with the legendary Code666 to release Mesmur’s debut record. I’ve been a fan of the groundbreaking and forward-thinking label for many years, and several of the most prized and influential albums in my collection were released by them. We’re extremely honored and look forward contributing to the Code666 catalogue and sharing our brand of doom metal with the world.