As you probably know, we have been receiving dozens of promos daily for more than 10 years, which, at a rough calculation,  means that we have listened  more or less to 30,000 different bands – some good, some not so good, and, as we want to be professional, we have to be very strict in judging what we listen to. We are a small label and can afford to choose only a few bands every year, so we have to be discriminating. Then, in the morning of Wednesday 28 July 2010, we get this packet from Germany and, as we always do, we open it and put it in stand-by for listening. At 16.05 we insert the Cd into the stereo system and push the ‘play’ button, unaware of what’s to come. At 16.17 we can’t believe our ears and start reading the band’s biography. At 16.25, amazed and thrilled, we send the band an e-mail  expressing our enthusiasm and our willingness to sign a contract immediately. Believe us if we say that such a thing has happened only twice before in 11 years, that is with the Ephel Duath and the Negura Bunget…

wait few days for the official announcement :)

Italian bloodsuckers THEATRES DES VAMPIRES  will release their new album, “Moonlight Waltz”, on January 14th, 2011 via AURAL MUSIC. The CD was recorded at Temple of Noise studios in Rome, Italy with producer Christian Ice. The song “CARMILLA” will be soon available for streaming on the band’s MYSPACE page. A video for “CARMILLA” will be filmed  with director David Bracci, who previously worked with the godfather of Italian horror movies DARIO ARGENTO. In a recent interview, THEATRES DES VAMPIRES keyboardist Fabian stated about the band’s new material: “This album has the best Production of our entire career , and we delighted by the quality of Orchestration parts, thanks to the help of Maestro Luca Bellanova and the amazing performance of the Classical Music Academy of Rome. Of course there are some typical THEATRES DES VAMPIRES songs – but with something new, as usual.  As we always say, with each album we want to make something new, something fresh, and I think these songs go along these lines” . THEATRES DES VAMPIRES will promote the new album by touring EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA in 2011. AURAL MUSIC announce that the first pressing of the album “Moonlight Waltz” will be released in a deluxe limited Slipcase Edition  including an special bonus DVD with exclusive video material, the making of the album, interviews and more.

” Moonlight Waltz ” track listing:

01 Keeper of Secrets
02 Fly Away
03 Moonlight Waltz
04 Carmilla
05 Sangue
06 Figlio della Luna
07 Black Madonna
08 Illusion
09 Le Grand Guignol
10 Obsession
11 The Gates of Hades
12 Medousa

Bonus track:
13 Carmilla Radio Edit

After a 7 years hiatus, we are happy to inform that German Medieval Metallers ENID are back! the band is now recording the new album scheduled for 2011, you can check a rough mix preview of the track titled “Legends from the storm” on their new myspace page: – The Band will perform an exclusive comeback show in a new line-up with material from practically all releases including new stuff, don’t miss this event: October 16th at Waldeshall Festival, Seebach/Thuringia, Germany.

THE OATH is currently finalizing the artwork of its new album titled SELF-DESTRUCTED, recorded in Kohlekeller Studio in Germany. Self-destructed contains the following track listing: 1. End of the lines, 2. Embraced, 3. Alone I roam, 4. Way to nowhere, 5. Only (instrumental) 6. Watch me bleed, 7. Impossible cure 8. White fields, 9. I am nothing. Artwork is created by Fursy Teyssier (ALCEST, LES DISCRETS, AMESOEURS…).  The release is planned or October 29th, 2010 on Code666, more info to follow…

code666 has announced the signing of Ankara, Anatolian Extreme Metallers Ravenwoods . the Band is currently in studio  to record the 10 songs to be included in the final tracklist of the new album titled “Rising”. Commented Ravenwoods bassist Ozam  Yildirim: ” The recording process of our upcoming album is going great. Just wait until you see the unique eastern spirit combined with crushing brutality and catchy riffs. Not for the weak hearts, so to speak. It sounds like a 10 ton hammer and punch in your face from the eastern lands, where all those brutal, dark ethnic melodies actually came out in the first place” a release date is expected later this year on code666.

Negură Bunget will headline the Black Trolls Over Europe Tour along Black Messiah, Adorned Brood, Nomans Land, Heathen Foray and Dyrathor.

The dates are:
08/10/2010 – Bonn (DE) – Klangstation
09/10/2010 – Gera (DE) – Sächsischer Bahnhof
10/10/2010 – Darmstadt (DE) – Steinbruchtheater
11/10/2010 – Flensburg (DE) – Roxy
12/10/2010 – Hamburg (DE) – Headbangers Ballrom
13/10/2010 – Essen (DE) – Turock
14/10/2010 – Ludwigsburg (DE) – Rockfabrik
15/10/2010 – Uster (CH) – Stadthofsaal
16/10/2010 – Ruhla (DE) – Waldeshall Festival
17/10/2010 – Rotterdam (NL) – Baroeg

Negură Bunget – new live guitarist:
“Due to personal reasons guitarist Spin is no longer part of Negură Bunget. We are in the process of finding a proper replacement. Meanwhile Argus Megere guitarist Fulmineos will play along us for the upcoming events.”