code666 is proud to announce the signing of german band TODTGELICHTER.

Our cult label will release their brand new album titled “Angst” on December 3rd in a very special limited edition, together with the standard jewel-case version.

Commented the band: “After negotiations with several labels TODTGELICHTER has just signed a two-album deal with the renowned Label Aural Music/Code666, and we are really excited to work with them,  having paved the path for bands such as ABORYM, NEGURA BUNGET, MANES, EPHEL DUATH, AMESOEURS and many more, the label stands for quality, non-conformism and artistic sophistication. Aural Music/Code666 has made an offer we couldn´t refuse – and we are sure they will be able to provide “Angst” with the professional presentation it needs. At the moment, we are working together to bring you a special limited edition of “Angst” besides the normal jewel case; and rest assured, it will truly live up to the meaning of the word “special”. Concerning our mini-tour with EIS and GORATH in December – we will bring the album, new merchandise and hopefully the special edition, too. This will be your first chance to lay hands on “Angst”, so be there!

Here is the Official tracklist:

01 – Café Of Lost Dreams

02 – Bestie

03 – Oblivion

04 – Phobos & Deimos

05 – Neon (feat. Nihilaz of VULVARK)

06 – Subway (feat. Eike Freese of DARK AGE)

07 – Moloch

08 – allmählich

Recorded and Mixed by Eike Freese at the Hammer Studios (GAMMA RAY, DARK AGE, CALLEJON).

Todtgelichter was formed back in 2002 but in 2010 they have definitely broken  with their past of classic Teutonic BM and with “Angst” have produced a terrific masterpiece, a record that got us out of our heads and after hundreds  plays hasn’t lost a bit of its emotional intensity and ability to surprise. We might call  it post-metal with a Black Metal Influence, but that would be belittling because “Angst” is courageous, original, powerful, catchy, deep, moving and bloodily grand;  in short, a record that cannot be ignored or confused with the tasteless tide that has been  flooding  the music market lately. “Angst” breaks powerfully in all senses, and Code666 is very proud to publish it.

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Moonlight Waltz: Guest Stars revealed!

Your favourite Bloodsuckers are proud to present the Guest Stars involved in the upcoming album “Moonlight Waltz” (available starting January 14th, 2011 on Dreamcell11, the Aural Music sublabel specialized in Dark Gothic Music)

Here is the Guest list (in order of appearance):

- Snowy Shaw (Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Therion, Notre Dame)

- Cadaveria (CADAVERIA, DyNAbyte)

- Eva Breznikar (Laibach)

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Davide Tiso, the man behind Avantgarde Extreme Metallers EPHEL DUATH, goes solo with Manuscripts Don’t Burn, a musical project with indefinite borders, where music breathes, like  the house in the title. Usually avant-garde music is complicated and emotionless, this time there’s so much heart and soul that you can feel the passion behind immediately.
Scheduled for late October/begins November on AMARANTH RECORDINGS (the sublabel of Aural Music ruled by Davide Tiso himself) this debut MCD will surprise many of the fans of this talented musician.
Official tracklist:
1. In the breathing house
2. Connubium in solitude
3. Like a Zephir
4. When Uriel shakes the soil
5. Invoking Metatron
6. The iron dog protecting the sea
Cover artwork by SELDON HUNT
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Wormholedeath and Dreamcell11, both under mother company Aural Music, officially joined forces to produce albums from a wider range of music genres and increase the respective catalogues during 2011 and 2012. The union of the two labels is also driven by the mutual wish to release and develop “borderline” or “crossover” acts, creating music that could be placed in between the two label concepts (Extreme metal and Gothic, Ebm, Ambient). From now on, all releases by these two Aural Music’s sublabels will be developed under the same A&R direction and will carry on both logos to give more power and support to every album.
Furthermore, the union of the band rosters will give shape to a bigger potetial based on the deals with some successful artists like Raw Power, Theatres Des vampires, The Way Of Purity, Crysalys, Dismal, Lifend and many more…
A new website will be released soon as long as the announcement of new signings and releases. For further informations you can write to: / or visit:

“Emotional Decompression Chamber” is the new concept album of Digitalis Purpurea. the Album is scheduled for November 12th on Dreamcell11 Entertainments, the Aural Music sublabel specialized in dark music. A cinematic record that defines a sound that uses the ideal combination sound-images as its keystone. The protagonists of the lyrics, Junichiro and Ishtar, are a modern version of Fando y Lis (first work of Alejandro Jodorowsky) chasing the legendary city called Tar on a David Lynch’s Lost Highway. The sound is the soundtrack to this imaginary film. A mixture of electro-clash beats, lysergic desert rock guitars and lo-fi vocals sometimes played from a busted grammophone. A damp cave, decadent, in which the figures appear faded, never sharp, where the substance is tinged with noir and the mind is lost forfeited in a thick consistency sensory tunnel where the end is distant and blurred, lower and lower, until the bowels of the unconscious.

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Tiril Skårdal, is the new singer of  THE WAY OF PURITY.
Born in Sandnes – Norway, Tiril is a pure and complete artist with an outstanding personality. Music, Drama, Fireworks are the diciplines that she loves. This is a magical moment for us since Tiril joined the band and asked us to be the only effigy of our project. We are so proud. That’s all we can say.

She described herself with the following words:

My life is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value.
My religion includes actions which are arbitrarily chosen by me, or dictated purely by logic, chance, necessity.
The repetitive behavior systematically used by me is purely made for satisfaction of my spiritual and emotional needs or strengthening and purification.
Alongside the dimensions of reverence of my gods, my rituals can have a more basic personal function in expressing and reinforcing my links with the cult I belong to.
The earliest known undisputed evidence dates from the Upper Paleolithic.
This helped in creating an evelasting and firm sense of my identity.
I am running along the methaphysical edge of reality.
My expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall and attach to your eternity.
You can’t protect yourself from the Evil Eye.
So gjeng’e ho seg til bekken klår.
Vaskar dei sitt silkehår.
I berge vil eg liva, og der vil eg døy.
Bronfolen løper lett og der er eg kongens festermøy
For official video statement please visit this Youtube link
Visit her myspace page

code666 is happy to announce the signing of belgian Black Metallers Saille for the release of their debut album “Irreversible Decay”, scheduled for february 2011 in a limited edition Digipack.

Commented mainman Dries Gaerdelen: “After a lot of consideration and negotiating with many parties, I came to a conclusion that code666 is the way to go! They’ve been showing the right  kind of interest in Saille and it seems that they have the same honest attitude towards music as I do.” then added: “Irreversible decay is a description of the influence of the forces of nature on earth and its inhabitants. The power of earthquakes, storms, lightning  will never be controlled by mankind. These forces and the admiration for the power of destruction have found their way in the music and lyrics of Saille’s new album”

“Irreversible Decay” tracklist

1. Nomen (1:51)
2. Passages of the Nemesis (7:22)
3. Overdose of Gray (5:41)
4. Plaigh Allais (4:56)
5. The Orion Prophecy (4:13)
6. Revelations (2:57)
7. Maere (5:36)
8. Tephra (6:21)
9. Tremendous (4:30)

Fans of KEEP OF KALESSIN, TARTAROS and LIMBONIC ART may find this new piece of sinister and powerful Black Metal an enjoyable listen.

Digipack-CD Artwork by Michael Karcz

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