Croatian metallers JOHAN WOLFGANG POZOJ have inked a deal with code666 for the release of a Trilogy that includes a revamped edition of “Birth of Pozoj” scheduled for this fall, the much-acclaimed “Escape of Pozoj”  in 2011 and the release of the last part of the Trilogy, “Return of Pozoj”, plus one other album that will follow. Commented Filip Fabek, Guitarist of the band:“We’ve been working and producing music since 2004 when we were first formed, and we will now finally have the support we need in getting our music heard by broader audiences. It is also a privilege to be a part of code666’s roster that has over time included great names such as Negura Bunget, Ephel Duath, The Axis of Perdition, Fen, Amesoeurs and other bands well respected within the metal community. We feel that this marks a beginning for Croatian bands that work hard on their music and go by unnoticed by indie or major labels. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank both our loyal fans for showing us support throughout the years, and Emiliano Lanzoni from code666 who contacted us and offered us this record deal. Thanks again to everyone who supported us, and we look forward to exposing our music to the world. Sincerely, Johann Wolfgang Pozoj” –

(Sic)Monic from Arizona are ready to release their new album in the USA through Aural Music/MVD. Titled “Somnambulist”, this album has surpassed the traditional Metal/Hard Rock sound and forged a new blend of emotion, human experience, and trials and tribulations that make up everyday life… Drawing from influences ranging from jazz fusion to death metal or progressive rock, the band intertwine an intricate yet catchy composition of Heavy, Heady, Heavenly, and some times plain un-categorical sound. “Sicmonic is heavy rock at its best”quotes Billboard Magazine.

Murmansk Black Metal band Stielas Storhett just signed a multi album deal with code666.The One Man Band from the Artic Circle is now working on a brand new album, scheduled for this winter on code666.Stielas Storhett previous CD, “SKD”, was released in 2009 , and nominated as “Best Black Metal EP of the Year” . for more information, visit

Switzerland Avantgarde Black Metal trio BLUTMOND has inked a deal with code666. The group’s new album, “Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days”, is scheduled for release on September 2010. The new album showcases BLUTMOND attention to their songwriting and the blending of their various influences to create a sound that is truly their own. “we decided to get rid of corpsepaint and traditional BM attitude, all of us in the band enjoy different genres and I think it shines through in our music”says guitarist/vocalist Jonas “John” Brem of BLUTMOND’s influences“BLUTMOND has finally found the perfect partner for the upcoming release “Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days”. We just signed a contract with the legendary label Code666 Records! And hell yeah, we’re fucking excited and looking forward to kill your illusion of what Metal is! After many line-up changes, endless composing sessions and insane sceneries in the gutters of our souls, our new record can finally find the way to our audience. Don’t except old-fashioned shredding, we truly found our way within the dark arts, using catchy riffs, melancholic Blues tunes, and urban stories about broken hearts, unpaid bills, lonely nights and warm beer. Stay tuned and await everything!” To help capture the band’s unique sound and passion for their music BLUTMOND brought in Markus Stock and his Klangschmiede Studio E (Secrets of the moon, Eisregen, Dornenreich, The Vision Bleak) to record and produce the album. For more information,

A visual art of the Dacia Hiperboreană track, from the latest album Vîrstele pămîntului is now available on youtube and vimeo. As you will discover this is not an actual videoclip, but rather a visual trip enhancing the music. The visual was done by Daniel Dorobantu.
Dacia hiperboreană visual

It’s no use denying it, actually the label compilations are nearly always boring and useless: a jumble of pieces from albums to-come, or, at best, a couple of unpublished tracks or remastered versions of old ones – nothing worth spending money on, not worth listening to even if they are given you free. So you will be wondering why cult-label Code666 has decided to celebrate its 10th birthday producing a compilation of its bands…. well, for a lot of reasons: First, this is NOT a “standard” compilation of our bands, this is actually a 79 minutes concept-album written by 35 different musicians; secondly, because all the music that you will hear has been composed expressly and exclusively for this CD…. and finally because we decided to resort to the enormous talent of Davide Tiso, mastermind of Avantgarde Metal Gods Ephel Duath, whose task has been to assemble, edit and merge the various tracks by means of little songs and interludes acting as links. The record, in this way, goes beyond the summing up of each piece and becomes an unprecedented concept album, a record with a meaningful course both as a whole and in each song. We are proud of it as it represents in the best possible way the ideas and the passion that have characterized Code666 for ten years.