With “Carrion Skies”, their fourth-full length album ready to hit the streets on the 22nd November, Progressive Post-Black Metallers FEN have released a video for a track taken from the album.  Made by bassist Grungyn to evoke the supernatural atmosphere of the track, the video for “ Menhir – Supplicant”, the fifth track on the six-track album, can be …

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Aural Music is happy to announce the signing of  Funeral Doom project MESMUR to our cult sublabel code666.
An echoing thud in the chamber of human suffering, Mesmur tries to capture the sounds of a world that was doomed from the beginning. Blending influences ranging from the funerary dirges of Evoken to the mesmerizing atmosphere of Neurosis, Mesmur shows versatility in a genre where simplicity usually reigns.
On the eponymous debut album, Mesmur weaves five tapestries of dread and despair, totalling about 52 minutes of runtime. Lyrical subject matter ranges from themes of isolation and paranoia, to death and loss, to cosmic cataclysm and the destruction of human society, and the album as a whole carries an almost Lovecraftian feeling of hopelessness for humanity in the face of uncontrollable horrors.
here’s what mastermind Yixja had to say about signing the contract: “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with the legendary Code666 to release Mesmur’s debut record. I’ve been a fan of the groundbreaking and forward-thinking label for many years, and several of the most prized and influential albums in my collection were released by them. We’re extremely honored and look forward contributing to the Code666 catalogue and sharing our brand of doom metal with the world.
Epic Black Metal outfit Saille is gearing up to release a new album on November 10th via code666.
Today we’re proud to bring you the first official unveiling of the album artwork and track listing for “Eldritch”, a concept record exploring several well-known Masterpieces of the classic and modern Horror literature.
This third full-length album was recorded at Arcave, Tower, Shumcot Studio & Record Office, Belgium and mixed by Klas Blomgren, Gislaved, Sweden.
The artwork was handled by Colin Marks for Rain Song Design, check out the cover here
a video teaser trailer for the album will be unveiled September 14th.
the track listing will be as follows:
1 Emerald
2 Walpurgis
3 The Great God Pan
4 Aklo
5 Cold War
6 Eater of Worlds
7 Red Death
8 Dagon
9 Carcosa
Infernal Black Metal Kult DiabolicuM is finally back! 13 years after their last album, the Swedish Demons are finally back with the long delayed and waited third album titled “Ia Pazuzu”, scheduled for this winter on code666.
Formed in 1994 under the Imperial monicker, DiabolicuM are among the Prime Movers of the whole Industrial Black Metal scene.
The artwork was handled by Maxime Taccardi
Official tracklist, cover artwork and song previews will be announced in the following weeks.
the album will be availabe as special Digipack-cd, limited edition double gatefold LP and deluxe limited edition woodbox.
Hryre is a Black Metal project based in West Yorkshire, UK. The musical focus is directed towards ancient heritage, individualism and spirituality.

here’s the official press-statement from the band: “In June 2014 we self-released our first demo recording titled “Deaþ Þurhfaran Eftboren – Heretéam fram Anweald” translated as “Death, Transition, Rebirth – The Devastation of Empires”. This was to be the first part of our “Deaþ Þurhfaran Eftboren” trilogy concept which will be the sole focus for our first series of studio recordings with our good friend and producer Steven Royton-Smith. Since releasing our first demo recordings we have received a very positive response from our fan base and artists alike, which has then lead to us receiving offers from several record companies across Europe. One particular offer that stood out for us was the opportunity to work with the good people at Code666 who have previously worked with our friends Minethorn, The Axis of Perdition and The Prophecy along with the hugely influential Fen and Negura Bunget. We were very quick to reach an agreement and Code666 support our artistic vision so we are we are now in the process of completing our debut album with the working title “Deaþ æt Þurhfaran” and will address the “Death & Transition” concepts of our trilogy series and combining them as one single album with two distinctive parts “Heretéam fram Anweald” commonly referred to as “Devastation of Empires” and “Hamcym æt se Eorþe” commonly referred to as “Return to the Earth”. We hope to have our first album released around spring of 2015 with work commencing on our second album “Eftboren” aka “Rebirth” commencing very shortly after. We are looking forward to sharing this majestic journey with you and you can keep up to date with developments via our official social media pages.”

Belgian Black Metallers SAILLE have set “Eldritch” as the title of the third full-length album. The CD is currently being recorded and cover artwork will be created by Negakinu a Dutch based designer who will develop the band to a new level. Saille vocalist Dennie Grondelaers: ”We have created what we hope will be a step up from ‘Ritu’. A tight concept, with the right audial and visual stimulation, our most interesting lyrics to date and the best songwriting thus far. Saying that we’re excited would be an understatement.”
The album will again be released by Code666/Aural Music on November 10th 2014, through a Belgian releaseshow. the band will also perform on Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014 (December 12/13, Eindhoven [NL]) among bands as Tryptikon, At The Gates, Unleashed and many others.
Regarding the new Saille album title, Grondelaers says: ”Since the beginning of storytelling, man has been fascinated with the fearful, the uncanny and the weird. Things that go bump in the night. Things that in their very nature can best be described as ‘Eldritch’. With our newest release we will not be breaking new ground when it comes to original concepts and we don’t want to. What we do want is to give the listener a brief introduction to several of the best ‘Eldritch’ works of fiction that exist. Some of them contemporary, others written around the turn of the previous century and one or two considered highly influential classics. But none of them should ever be forgotten. For how much fun would a world without a little bit of fear be?”

code666 (the black metal sublabel of Aural Music group) is proud to announce the signing of New York City iconoclastic black metallers Imperial Triumphant to a multi album worldwide deal.
Orchestrating vanguard black metal since 2005 and citing influences from Deathspell Omega to Polish Post-Serialism Composer Krzysztof Penderecki, Imperial Triumphant is now working on their new album ‘Abyssal Gods’ scheduled for early 2015. here’s what frontman Ilya had to say about the new deal: “Imperial Triumphant is honored to be working with a label with such a rich history of great releases.  We are excited to add another to their catalogue.”
this summer code666 will release ‘Shrine to the Trident Throne’ , a collection of their obscure, independent early works.


RISE OF AVERNUS – the Orchestral Progressive Doom metal band from Australia – has signed a multi album contract with Aural Music imprint Code666.
Rise Of Avernus debut album titled “L’Appel Du Vide”, due for release in late January 2014, is a Masterpiece of Orchestral and Progressive Doom Metal, Mastered by Jens Bogren of Fascination Studios and with artwork by Seth Siro Anton of Septicflesh.
Hailing from Sydney, Australia, RISE OF AVERNUS are quickly becoming a well known entity throughout the Australian metal scene.
Within the short time frame since the release of their debut EP in 2012, RISE OF AVERNUS have relentlessly toured around the country sharing the stage with bands such as ENSLAVED, ROTTING CHRIST and APOCALYPTICA performing a unique style of music stemming for many different genres, the band can best be described as “Orchestral, Progressive Doom Metal “. Whilst this styling is very evident through their 2014 debut album ‘L’appel du vide, there is an exploration throughout a vast range of moods and expressions that truly sets RISE OF AVERNUS apart from others. Transcending the tradition realms of Progressive metal, “L’appel du vide” delves into a rich tapestry of dark orchestral soundscapes whilst exploring dark and poignant themes through their lyrics. The extremity of beauty refracts against a dark aural environment with elements of Symphonic Doom and Death Metal…
Here’s what the band had to say about signing the contract:
“RISE OF AVERNUS are extremely excited to announce our multi-album signing with AURAL MUSIC. Home to a plethora of boundary pushing metal bands. The signing will see the international release of our debut album “L’APPEL DU VIDE”. We are incredibly honoured to be joining a label that has such an established track record of quality releases, and can’t wait to unleash this album!”

HORIZON ABLAZE – the Extreme Metal metal band from Norway – has signed a multi album contract with Aural Music imprint Code666. Horizon Ablaze second album titled “Dødsverk”, due for release in late February 2014, is a Nihilistic Apocalypse of Molten Extreme Metal.
Hailing from Kristiansand, Norway, HORIZON ABLAZE consist of:
  • Andrè Kvebek (ex-1349, pantheon-i, den saakaldte) – Vocals
  • Shandy McKay (ex-absu, Pantheon-i) – Guitars
  • Ole Bent Madsen (blood red throne) – Bass
  • Stian Ruethemann, Guitars and Vocals
  • Kevin Vvåle, Drums
Rough mix advance track here
Here’s what the band had to say about signing the contract and the new album:
“We are stoked to be able to announce that Horizon Ablaze have signed with Aural Music. Aural Music is exactly what Horizon Ablaze needs going forward stronger than ever. regarding the new album The time has come for Horizon Ablaze to dive deeper into its insanity, with tracks that destroys everything they’ve previously done. The new album is an ultimate testament to hate, where genres mould into something completely unique, and absurd. It’s also the first album where their native language will be the primary means of spewing destructive ideas, uplifting anti theistic views and nihilism. The only concept really touched upon on this record is to make the creepiest, darkest, most fucked up record in aeons, as it is the only way to build upon Spawn’s genuine atmosphere and develop further as a band.”

Following the success of the reissue of their critically acclaimed 1993 album “Inside The Unreal”, reunited death metal gods Electrocution finally unveils the title of their forthcoming new album: “Metaphysincarnation”.
The band is currently recording 11 new songs with guitarist/producer Alex Guadagnoli at The Strands Studio in Los Angeles, while singer Mick Montaguti is tracking the vocals at High Distortion Level Studio in Bologna, Italy. The album artwork will be created by Gustavo Sazes, known for his previous works for Morbid Angel, Arch Enemy, Angra and others.
Alex Guadagnoli: “We’re stoked how well this new album it’s coming together and taking the creative process to the next level was easier than we thought even after all these years. We’re staying in touch with our fan-base and this definitely brought in lots of energy and motivation. It’s very heavy as you would expect from Electrocution and somehow it incarnates the feel of “Inside The Unreal” into a new, enhanced and evolved sound. The new songs includes both fast blasts and groovy mid-tempos, lots of guitar solos, acoustic guitars and sick vocals with very interesting lyrics by Mick.”
Mick Montaguti: “Metaphysincarnation is a journey through various aspects of the knowledge of mankind, according to the duality: nature – technology. For many titles, I chose to use the ancient greek, because the logic was born with Aristotle. And starting from this, the science and the technology have evolved so far. These songs reflect how knowledge and technology are something potentially good or bad. We decide how to use them. The man, probably will not survive himself, but the wonderful thing is that, however, the universe and nature will always be there, waiting for entities that will know and live in harmony with them.”
Song titles include “Wireworm”, “Abiura”, “Spirals In Tension” and “Panopticon” (full track-list will be released later on).
Video teaser #1:  http://youtu.be/lrIR5IrhDsM
Video teaser #2:  http://youtu.be/rfdg3ugg-So

Italian’s Progressive Doom Sludgers VOID OF SLEEP signed a new deal with Aural Music for the release of their second album, scheduled for late 2014.
here’s the Official Press-Statement from the band:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, important news on the horizon: Void of Sleep are glad to announce the renewal of their worldwide deal with Aural Music, even for their second studio album!!
The decision is the result of both parts due to the mutual trust, the constant goal to grow more and more the band reputation and the excellent results achieved by the first record in just one year of cooperation.
Void of Sleep are starting right now to work hard to the new record material which will probably be a concept album and it will be tentatively scheduled for the late 2014″