Carrier Flux – an avant garde black metal project fronted by Jeff Phillips of Minneapolis – has signed a 3-album contract with Aural Music imprint Code666. Carrier Flux’s experimental approach to Black MMetal is a welcome addition to the Code666 family of artists.

Carrier Flux’s third album titled “Objection”, due for release in June 2013, is an exploratory work that frays the edges of the genre. Fans of dark, atmospheric metal will appreciate the intricate song structures & evocative qualities. the Visionary Artwork  has been created by the very talented artist Costin Chioreanu.

Carrier Flux was born in 1999 and released two albums so far: the dark & experimental Introspective Nightmare (2000, Self-released) and the brooding & philosophical In Waste (2002, Black Lotus Records). A multi-instrumentalist, Jeff Phillips plays guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals and programs drums for Carrier Flux, mixing & mastering the audio in his Minneapolis-based sound studio. Phillips has also been involved with a number of metal & dark ambient projects, including Cold Colours, Blood of the Earth and Vedisni. He is inspired by bold, complex & atmospheric metal, citing Abigor, Alghazanth, Arcturus, Nazxul and Ved Buens Ende as his primary influencers.


Greek Heavy Rock Giants “Phase Reverse” just completed the recording of their new album titled “PHASE II”, scheduled on Aural Music in September. here’s a short message from the band:
“Our  new album release at the gates! ”PHASE II”  is going to be released worldwide during September  2013 from Aural Music.  More details on the new album  such as the album cover, the songs as well as tour dates,  will be announced soon. Stay tuned ! Phase is with you all…”



Greek Avantgarde Black Metallers Aenaon signed a new record deal with code666. They are now working on the follow-up of the acclaimed “Cendres et Sang”.
The new album is scheduled to hit stores in late 2013.

Italian Dark Ensemble DISMAL is back after 6 years of silence. After some line-up changes the band went into in Turin, italy, to record their new album titled “Giostra di Vapore”. Mastermind and composer Bradac had this to say:

“the new album will be the natural evolution of “Miele Dal Salice”, we recorded more than 50 minutes of dark emotional music, mixing classical passages and electronic sounds, with our usual eerie atmosphere. The Lyrical Concept is based on the “waltz of the mind” mixing Philosophy with Alchemy and Social Psychology”
current lineup of the band:

Rossana L: vocals & double-bass.

Bradac: piano synths and orchestrations.

Daniel P: 8 strings e.guitar

Valerio M: violin


We are extremely honored to announce the long awaited signing from Croatian dark rock band Agharti.

Wormholedeath/dreamcell11 will release their massive debut album titled “Change” world-wide through Aural Music Group/Wormholedeath Japan. The album was produced and recorded at Mathlab Recording Studio (Italy) by Jonathan Mazzeo then mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (The Agonist) in Montreal. Release date is due during 2013, still to be scheduled.

You can stream the album preview here

The whole band together stated :
“We are happy to announce that Agharti has signed a deal with WormHoleDeath and that soon our full length album titled ‘CHANGE’ will be out worldwide. Working with WormHoleDeath was great – we clicked well from the very beginning and we know that together we will make great things. We’re very thankful for all the advice they gave us in the process of making the album and we can only hope for this cooperation to last because we have a lot more to give, share and create.”

A&R “Worm” stated: “Agharti are the typical band that every label dreams. We first met in Austria and they seemed to be so professional, humble and nice. Their songs were already well written and sounded great but they were also so eager to work with us on their music as they knew that they couldn’t be critical like us. For that reason me and Jonathan decided to invest in them and went to Zagreb to work in their practice room. We understood each other perfectly and they listened to everything we had to say, it has been great. We also cooperated closely on the choices to take for their final sound, image, cover, pictures and the result is under the light of the sun, just check it out. I am sure that you all will hear a lot about them since this is just the beginning of their career. Support this band, Agharti really deserve your attention.”

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The Way Of Purity announced important cooperations for the new album, singer Marja Panic stated: ” We started writing our new album with our russian friend Stielas Storhett and our producer Jonathan Mazzeo … After this quite big work we felt that we wanted to give the final emotional touch with massive and continuous orchestrations so we asked Marianna Alfieri, known for being guitar player on Kirlian Camera, to work with us at that stage. She made such intense, passionate and incredibly tragical compositions to enhance our ideas. Now we are ready to fly to Romania to produce the vocals with Ageru Pamantului, former singer in Negura Bunget. After this last process we will enter Realsound and mathlab Studios in Italy to record the whole project. We still have to ask Christian Donaldson if he wants to mix this album but we have time during the tour, I am quite sure that we will be able to work with him again.”