English Post Black Metal band FEN will make its second album, “Epoch”, available on February 11th, 2011 through code666 records.  The cover artwork for the album was created by the band and can be viewed HERE . formed in 2006, the primary goal with Fen is to draw the listener into a windswept and desolate landscape, bereft of hope. The band was born  when Grungyn, Theutus and The Watcher came together to create a project that fused the cold rage of black metal with more reflective influences from the post-rock/shoegaze genres. Initially intended as a studio project, in late 2006 they recorded the three songs that would end up as the ‘Ancient Sorrow’ EP, released in 2007.  The band swiftly caught the attention of Code666 Records who signed the band for the release of their debut album, ‘The Malediction Fields’ which was released in January 2009. Reactions to the album have been almost overwhelmingly positive with Archaic Magazine declaring ‘if this band can keep up this sort of quality then I feel that we have a UK rival to the throne bands like Enslaved and Primordial have occupied for so long’ . Early 2010 saw Æðelwalh replace Draugluin on keyboards & backing vocals. Armed with this latest line-up, the band embarked on a well-received tour in support of Negura Bunget in the Spring of 2010 before commencing the recording of their second album ‘Epoch’,  A darker, more involved expression than the previous record.

for more info: Fen’s MYSPACE

code666 is happy to announce the signing of Transilvanian Black Metallers SYN ZE SASE TRI for the release of their debut album “Intra Doua Lumii”, scheduled for early 2011.

The band Syn Ze Sase Tri was formed in 2007, inspired by the bloody history and myths of their motherland Transilvania. The band started working on their debut album but unfortunate deals with small indie labels delayed the release of the album.  In 2009 Corb and Spin joined fellow-citizens Negura Bunget to replace leaving members Soul Faur and Hupogrammos,  composing and recording the album Virstele Pamintului. the following touring duties with Negura bunget stopped Syn Ze Sase Tri activities for a while, then in late summer 2010 COrb and Spin decided to concentrate on their own band, and now their debut album “Intre doua Lumii” is finally ready to be released.

“Intre Doua Lumi” tracklist:

1. Profetie

2. Ziua din urma

3. Fauritorul lumii

4. Gind blestemat

5. A vietii roata

6. Maretia intruparii

7. Calea fara de sfirsit

8. Spirit etern

9. Intre doua lumi. Transcendenta

10. Ruga

Recorded at Negura Music Studio (Negura Bunget) and mixed by Andy Vasilescu,  the album will appeal Fans of KEEP OF KALESSIN, NEGURA BUNGET and DIMMU BORGIR .

Digipack-CD Artwork by DARGROVE DESIGN

Syn Ze Sase Tri line-up:
Corb – vocals & guitars
Strigoi – drums
Hultan – bass
Spin – guitars

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/synzesasetri

FOLGE DEM WIND — the Animist Black Metal band from France finished the recording of their new album titled “Inhale The Sacred Poison”, scheduled on code666 for january 28th, 2011.
Commented the band: “It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally getting ‘Inhale The Sacred Poison’ released everywhere! we’re looking forward to working with code666 to promote the album on stage, It’s gonna be a blast!”
“Call of the Wild”, the latest video from FOLGE DEM WIND, can be viewed here .
“Inhale The Sacred Poison” was mastered at Strype Audio by Tom Kvalsvoll (Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Mayhem) and features the following track listing:

  1. Inhale the sacred poison
  2. Of blood and Ether
  3. Behind the grey veil
  4. Through the eye of the immortal
  5. Of reptilian fires
  6. Awakening in unity
  7. Of primordial whirlwind
  8. Of bloody hands and mocking stars

For more information, visit the band’s MySpace page.

Ankara, Turkey-based black/death metallers RAVENWOODS have posted audio samples from their forthcoming album, “Enfeebling the Throne”, at this location .

Due february 11th, 2011 via code666, “Enfeebling the Throne” will feature the following track listing:












bassist Ozan Yldirim previously stated about the CD: “‘Enfeebling the Throne’ features some additions to our sound, including traditional turkish Instrument “Ney”, performed by worldwide renowed musician Mercan Dede. I  felt this album needed different textures and we wanted to avoid working with prefrabricated sounds. The Goal is to mix Anatolian Music with modern extreme metal and these instruments add an eerie and somewhat mystic touch to our material. The production is absolutely incredible and i can’t wait to see the album in stores!”

for more info Myspace

Theatres Des Vampires are proud to present the new video of the song “Carmilla” included in the upcoming album “Moonlight Waltz” (available starting January 14th, 2011 on Dreamcell11, the aural music sublabel specialized in dark gothic music).

Video at this location

Directed by David Bracci, who previously worked with Dario Argento, the video is also included in a special DVD of the limited edition of the album.

for more info: TDV MYSPACE

code666 is proud to announce that Dutch Industrial Black Metallers Control Human Delete accepted to renew the deal for another album, and are now working on the follow-up to their amazing 2007 debut “Terminal World Perspective”.

Control Human Delete was formed in the year 2001 to explore musical borders in search for the ultimate excitement that dark and cold music can deliver. As a result of this, the first recording saw daylight in 2003 and was entitled ‘Error Spectre’. In 2004 Control Human Delete starts working on new material for their forthcoming album, evolving rapidly and sets course towards new musical challenges to invent the perfect soundtrack for their space expanding concept. In late 2006 Control Human Delete signs with code666 for the release of the debut album ‘Terminal World Perspective’. With this album Control Human Delete has constructed an advanced mixture of extravagant new school black metal and industrial landscapes, a musical journey they have started with ‘Error Spectre’.  The ‘Terminal World Perspective’ concept encompasses earth’s evolution and the destructive nature of its inhabitants, influenced by divine entities throughout history of the earth.

for more info: MYSPACE