aNgreNOST - a black metal band from Portugal – has signed a multi album contract with Aural Music imprint Code666.
Angrenost’s debut album titled “Planet Muscaria”, due for release in late September 2013, is pure, hateful and self-destructive undead Black Metal. A genuine and desperate scream of venomous un-life, sucked into a very bad trip to the Gates of Hell and beyond.
aNgreNOST was formed in 1995 by Pursan and Ainvar (Sirius). The only release by the band was the EP “Evil”, released on mcd by Andromeda Creations (Portugal) in 1997, which was very well received by the public.
After this release, in 1998, due to all-kind of extreme auto-destructive behaviors, Pursan collapses and leaves the band.
12 years later Pursan re-activates aNgreNOST, this time without Ainvar and with 2 new members: Erdsaf and E. (Wavelength:Satan).

The concept of aNgreNOST and PLANET MUSCARIA are entwined. It is the raw testimony of someone who took the human condition to its most extreme state: dark, miserable self-destructive… and survived. Intravenous overdoses, psychotic outbreaks, NDEs and bad trips. Detox clinics, psychiatric asylums, hospitals and police stations. Addiction and extreme abuse of hard drugs and hallucinogens. aNgreNOST is not about fantasies or poetry. It’s real, and PLANET MUSCARIA is the mirror of these experiences. Black Metal in its most pure and genuine form.

Belgian Ritualistic Black Metallers CULT OF ERINYES will release their new album, “Blessed Extinction”October 28 via code666.

“Blessed Extinction” track listing:

(1) From the Shattered Skies
(2) 自爆 (Jibaku)
(3) Unspoiled Beauty
(4) Bipolar
(5) Dissolve into the Stars
(6) Sunken Cities
(7) The Vlasov Notes
(8) Coda

CULT OF ERINYES mainman Corvus recently declared: “Drawing the energy from the darkest thoughts of its creators, Cult of Erinyes intends to evolve in the realms of Black Metal while pushing its limits a bit further. Spawned with the intention to distil artistic audacity into respected traditions, Cult of Erinyes belongs to the forbidden experience, where music is merely a symptom of a higher truth. Ritualistic hymns, vicious and twisted vocals, furious rhythmics and ambient digressions are only a few weapons which make Cult of Erinyes a band to be reckoned with.”

Formed late 2009, the Cult wasted no time, recording its first EP “Golgotha” less than a year later. The EP was released early 2011  through Kunsthauch & Dunkelkunst, as well as on a limited edition tape through Caverna Abismal Records. Insatiable, the band re-entered the Blackout Multimedia studio late 2010 to record its first full-length album with Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness). “A Place to Call My Unknown” was released on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Production around mid-2011 and is almost unanimously revered by media and audiences. After signing a multi album deal with Aural Music’s imprint code666, they entered the Studio during summer 2013 to record their second album“Blessed Extinction”.

after the long Tour supporting their last album “XXX”, the italian band RAIN decided to take a break from their Hard Rock to experiment a new dimension in this unplugged album, inspired by a legendary trip to Mexico and the desire to show another face of the band.
“Mexican Way” feature 12 tracks of unplugged rock with a strong mexican vibe, lyrics in spanish and english and the atmosphere  from cult movies like “El Mariachi” or “From Dusk ’til Dawn”.
“Mexican Way” is scheduled to hit stores October 28 in a special limited edition digisleeve cd and Digital Download.
Artwork by Umberto Stagni (Pastavolante)

Terminato il lungo tour di supporto ad XXX, tour in parte fatto anche da concerti in veste acustica, la band sente la necessità di dare al suo pubblico un prodotto nuovo che in parte riproduca su disco anche l’anima “unplugged” di questa band mai rivelatasi prima d’ora così forte. Nasce così MEXICAN WAY, un viaggio in Messico con le chitarre acustiche in spalla, un’esperienza che ritrae a nudo l’anima di questa band che per anni ha saputo pestare duro ma che ora dimostra di sapersi esprimere anche attraverso altri linguaggi musicali. 12 tracce, tutte diverse, alcune sono reinterpretazioni di canzoni di artisti in qualche modo vicini ai RAIN per stile di vita o attitudine, altre pezzi nuovi frutto della creatività della nuova line up… “Mexican Way” è un viaggio, che terrà impegnata la band dal vivo per circa un anno prima di sfornare il nuovo album dove ovviamente torneranno a farla da padrone le chitarre elettriche e tutti i trademarks del tipico sound Hard Rock / Metal dei RAIN.

Italian’s dark outfit DISMAL will release its new album, “Giostra di Vapore”, on December 9. The effort will be available as a cd and digital download.
“Giostra di Vapore” track listing:
1) The four vibrations
2) Giostra di vapore
3) ll ballo degli obesi
4) microcosm
5) Macrocosm
6) Eden
7) Vimana
8- Mélisse (part.2)
9) One step in the dark
“Giostra di Vapore” is the natural evolution of the previous album “miele dal salice”. Strong emotions in a mix of classical and sophisticated electronic music and gothic fairy atmospheres. A concept full of emotions, based on the journey of waltz of the mind.
Artwork by Giuseppe Ferrillo

After five years of silence, the third chapter of French Electro Metal band HERRSCHAFT is finally here.
“LES 12 VERTIGES” will be released on OCTOBER, 7th on Italian label CODE666.
STAY TUNED for more in the next days: first single “Gates to Dreams” will be available in free streaming onSoundcloud from SEPTEMBER, 9th.
YOUTUBE video Teaser of the album is available HERE