We are happy to announce Negură Bunget is now ready to release the MCD – “Poartă de Dincolo” (“a gate from the above” or “carrying from the other side”). The material was recorded again at Negura MUSIC studio. As the name suggests it, the material focuses on exploring the relation between worlds, either from above, under or beyond… scheduled for late April 2011, the 28:30 minutes long MCD will be released on Digipak and includes 4 brand new tracks. This MCD is the last Negură Bunget material to be released by code666 records marking the end of a positive collaboration started  10 years ago. We thank them for the wonderful music released on our label and wish them good luck in the future.

Theatres des Vampires proudly announce the “Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011″

Theatres des Vampires – Tour 2011

APR 15 Shum Club Saint-Petersburg, RU

APR 16 Plan B, Moscow, RU

MAY 7 Black Out Rock Club, Roma , IT

MAY 12 LEGEND 54, Milano, IT

MAY 13 Ortobar, Ljubljana, SL

MAY 14 Blue Hell Club, Budapest, HU

MAY 15 Escape Metalcorner, Wien, AT

MAY 17 Exit Chmelnice, Prague, CZ

MAY 18 Blue Note, Poznan, PL

MAY 19 Progresja, Warsaw, PL

MAY 20 Kulturbastion, Torgau, DE

MAY 21 Melodka, Brno, CZ

MAY 23 Underground, Koln, DE

MAY 24 Le Klub, Paris, FR

MAY 25 Hotel de la musique, Roubaix, FR

MAY 26 De Rots, Antwerpten, BE

MAY 28 O2 Academy Islington, London, UK

MAY 29 Femme Metal Festival, Birmingham, UK



Croatian Avantgarde Black Metallers JOHAN WOLFGANG POZOJ presents their  album titled “Birth of Pozoj”: the first part of a trilogy scheduled to be released on code666 in the following years.  Originally self-released by the band few years ago, “Birth…” has been completely re-arranged and re-recorded with the new line-up and improved production skills of the band members:
FILIP FABEK – Guitar and Programming
Official Tracklist:
1.    Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
2.    Queen Emeraldas
“Birth Of Pozoj” is scheduled for may 2011 on code666

Artic Black Metallers Stielas Storhett are proud to announce that the new album titled “Expulse” is ready and scheduled for may 2011 on code666. Mainman Damian stated about the cd: “For so long I’ve been awaiting the second Stielas Storhett LP record to be complete. Finally the most part of work is left behind, all of the tracks are played and sung and the last word is for sound engineer. Much time has passed since the first Stielas Storhett release so you should NOT expect “Vandrer-2″. However all of those who enjoyed the first album, those who got the true core of Stielas Storhett art not formally but by heart, won’t be disappointed. “Expulse” is a breakout through style boundaries musically letting create a needed wave of melancholy, affiction and hate in that way, and the poetry is echoed by that atmosphere”
the album consists of 7 songs clocking at 46 minutes:

1.  Dying Delirium
2. Buried by Storm and Eternal Darkness
3. All Paths Lead to Oblivion
4. Hush-a-bye
5. Two Lifeless Months
6. Expulse
7. Angel Of Death”

In May 2011, The Axis Of Perdition return with “Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh)”, concluding the desperate story of Urfe with an intensity verging on the traumatic.The inescapable result is a maelstrom of an album that cuts to the very heart of The Axis Of Perdition and exposes the diseased core with a violence, depth and derangement that is so far unmatched in the band’s discography. No aspect of the band’s signature sound goes unmolested in the merciless compulsion to push everything further than they have ever pushed before. Originally conceived in 2005, and meticulously honed to the most painful edge conceivable, “Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh)” is a potent distillation of everything that makes The Axis Of Perdition such a unique and disturbing proposition. Haunting, moving, excruciating and excoriating in equal measure, it is an album that demands attention from start to finish and will leave no listener untouched.

Official tracklist:

1. The Sleeper
2. Unveiled
3. Unbound
4. Sigils and Portents
5. The Flesh Spiral
6. Dark Red Other
7. The Changer
8. Disintegration
9. Ordained
The abyss yawns open May 2011 on code666; be ready.

Belgian Symphonic Metallers SAILLE recently released their new video of the song “Plaigh Allais” from their debut album “Irreversible Decay” out now on code666.