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BRAINDAMAGE "The Downfall"


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format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal

info: BRAINDAMAGE return on the musical scene 7 years since their last release, after being one of the greatest Italian Metal bands over the 90’s, and come back with one of the most innovative and original acts of the today Metal outline.
“The Downfall” is a futurist, abrasive and visionary output in the best Avantgardish Metal tradition of VOIVOD and KILLING JOKE, appealing to the modern-ish last decade’s growing Post-Thrashy audience. Using the old school as a base for their twisted musical fantasies, this album is overwhelmed by a quasi-industrial aura, with cutting discordant riffs, eclectic rhythmic structures and delirant voices that comes from an infernal post-nuclear world. The result is a dramatic avveniristic musical experience, a real futurist dissonant masterpiece of Post-Thrash Metal. Wait for something really shattering and upsetting! 


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BRAINDAMAGE "The Downfall"

BRAINDAMAGE "The Downfall"


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