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Format: CD

Style: Dark Wave


DPERD is back and the duo does it with their fifth full-length album called simply "V" the grandest and most elegant album of their 15 years career. DPERD’s music encourages you to fall into their world that stretches from intimate and atmospheric Dark Wave to a filmic fusion of melancholic Dark Rock all within the realms of suberb quality. It starts from milestones of 80’s music like The Cure, Cocteau Twins and arrives to the grandeur of nowadays acts like Dead Can Dance, Mira, Lycia, This Mortal Coil and Cranes. Lyrical, confessional, dark yet aspirant, their strings, vocals and spare percussion billow like mists across your consciousness. Dark as it is beautiful, spare as it is complex, its decadent powers will overtake you in the remote reaches of your imagination.


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