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OMRADE "Edari"


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format: Digipack-CD

Style: Avantgarde Metal

Info: ULVER's cinematography, MANES' darkness, DØDHEIMSGARD's eclecticism, GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT's settings are the keywords of "Edari", OMRÅDE's debut album which draws a new limit to the words "vision" and "extremism".  Trip Hop, Ambient Electronica, Metal, Post Industrial music and Post Rock are the ingredients for a dark & psychotic album. Their sound is somehow unique, bringing in instruments as saxophone, trumpet, samples, delirant vocals for a path into despair, sadness, depression and loneliness where each track is a travel between light and melancholy and listeners are upset by different sensation and different experiences. Special guests Guillaume Bideau (ex Scarve, Mnemic, One Way Mirror) and Asphodel (ex Pin Up Went Down, Penumbra) on vocal, Leo Sors and Damien Legret on Saxophone, Kriss Mndra (Master Crow) on trumpets.
Artwork realised by Seldon Hunt (NEUROSIS, ISIS, SUNN O))), PELICAN)


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OMRADE "Edari"

OMRADE "Edari"


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