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MORTAL FORM "The Reckoning"


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format: CD

style: thrash metal

info: MORTAL FORM are back with an album able to join Metal of the past with Metal of the future for a music able to represent a pure sonorous massacre across melody and aggressivity. “The Reckoning” music is powerful, aggressive, epic and at the same time very melodic enriching the classic and traditional Death Metal with a personal and modern approach to the typical European sound enriching it with Thrash and classic Heavy Metal passages! Blasting drum beats, authentic guitars riffs and howling death grunts and screams provide the elements of this metal grenade. Inspired by bands as Death, Arch Enemy, Kreator, Overkill, Morbid Angel, In Flames and Iron Maiden, Mortal Form succeeded in creating a honest, diverse and well produced metal album that will appeal to many of you out there!!!


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MORTAL FORM "The Reckoning"

MORTAL FORM "The Reckoning"