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LIBRIA "Immortal Daughter of Aestethics"


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format: CD

style: Avant Death Metal

Info: Italian super group LIBRIA created by Marianna Alfieri (Dark Lunacy, Spectra Paris, Kirlian Camera) guitarist, composer and arranger of the debut album “Immortal Daughter of Aesthetics” features Gregorio Ferrarese (The Modern Age Slavery), Fabio Palombi (Nerve) and guest appearance of Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera) and Alessia Cavalieri (Spectra Paris) on vocals and Francesca Dardani on violin. A powerful mix of melodic death metal, with a variegated guitar work and deep and majestic symphonic passages, completed with the multifaceted and impressive vocals of Fabio Palombi, will bring you from the dystopic and stolid scenery of Libria (our reality) to a superior dimension, where symbols set the progressive steps of spiritual growing.


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LIBRIA "Immortal Daughter of Aestethics"

LIBRIA "Immortal Daughter of Aestethics"

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