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Formato: Deluxe Digipack con libretto e traccia bonus  (prima tiratura ad edizione limitata)

Stile: Extreme Metal

Info: “Apnoe” è il nuovo album della band tedesca Todtgelichter, che si distaccano definitivamente dal passato legato al Black Metal per addentrarsi in lidi inesplorati, in bilico tra metal moderno e variazioni progressive. Ottima produzione, spendida grafica e confezione curatissima per una band pronta ad esplodere. 

  • "It has been a long journey from the early days of being a black-and-white Metal band to the current status quo: TODTGELICHTER from Hamburg have searched for, found and are successfully occupying their very own niche with their mix of Dark Metal, some Gothic, progressive Metal and a few post-elements" (Anzo Sadoni / METAL HAMMER)
  • "Apnoe" continues the voyage which began with "Angst" - unmistakably, unswervingly. And yet - with seeminly greatest ease - Todtgelichter change their approach ever so slightly and incorporate new musical elements as well as their stunning new vocalist. Whoever might think that progress and consolidation contradict each other, should take a nibble off "Apnoe".      (Falk Wehmeier,
  • "TODTGELICHTER move through a constant flux – Where "Angst" already carried Avantgarde Metal elements in addition to the traditional Black Metal parts, "Apnoe" promises an even wider development. Rhythmically still rooted in Metal, the calmer parts evoke epic dimensions – epic not in the sense of typical Metal but for the ability to tell stories through sound. This qualifies TODTGELICHTER for the prog-genre, but does not cancel out buoyant songs like "Odem". Do not fret:"Apnoe"does not suffer from amnesia, rather proves to be an expansion of consciousness". (Dominik Irtenkauf, LEGACY Magazin) 
  • "Everything labeled TODTGELICHTER contains surprises – a majestic, an epic work of one of the most interesting german bands of our time!" (Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann, ROCK HARD)
"The new songs sound way more psychedelic to me, including slight jazz and prog rock influences (...) TODTGELICHTER, freed from their black metal past, present themselves as well-rehearsed unity these days with a new front man whose vocal range meets with his impressively great pallet of facial expressions" (Thor Joakimsson,


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