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OV HOLLOWNESS "The World Ends"


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“The World Ends” è il nuovo album della one man band canadese Ov Hollowness, probabilmente uno dei segreti meglio custoditi dell'Underground black metal... oltre 70 minuti di melanconico Chaos controllato, senza perdere un filo dell'aggressività tipica del BM.

Deluxe Digipack Edition
"This is actually a good example of how Atmospheric Black Metal can be really engaging never losing any of the essential ingredients inherent to both atmosphere and black metal as concepts" 9/10 Lachryma Christi Magazine"At the time of writing this it is very early in the year, but I would be incredibly surprised if The World Ends doesn’t find its way on to my year end albums list. As albums go this is an exceptionally fine one, and if I gave marks out of 10 it would pushing a maximum. Some music just washes over you, and some just connects with you; this is one album that connected" 10/10 Jude Felton -The Lair of Filth


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OV HOLLOWNESS "The World Ends"

OV HOLLOWNESS "The World Ends"

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