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FEN "Dustwalker" CLAMBOX ltd.ed.


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Format: limited edition CLAMBOX-CD with Bonus Track

Style: Post Black Metal

Info: FEN draws its inspiration from the windswept, desolate landscape of England's Fen region after which the band was named.  By fusing the cold rage of Black Metal with more reflective influences, FEN succeeds in creating a deeply intense, atmospheric, almost otherworldly sound, redolent of loss and melancholic yearning. “Dustwalker” is the twilight descending upon empty heathland and the cries of the crows that wheel in the bunching stormclouds...

  • "the contrast of venomous black metal snarl, anguished cries, beautiful acoustic guitars, heavy almost post-punk bass and chanted clean vocals on opening track ‘Consequence’ is something truly special, straddling as it does a number of genres and subgenres with consummate ease and breathtaking efficacy...Of course Fen are categorised as black metal, but there are so many facets to their sound, from myriad incarnations of black metal to prog, to post-rock, to gothic rock – a fact never more illustrated than here, on "Dustwalker" that such pigeon-holing is wholly inadequate. Some bands make their own rules" album of the month in Zero Tolerance Magazine
  • "If you like Wolves In The Throne Room or Enslaved you are going to love Dustwalker. It's an album to get lost in and gets better every time you listen to it. FEN have risen to the tip of the current UK Black Metal scene with Dustwalker" Nocturnalhall.com
  • "It is a characteristic of Dustwalker that I get so immersed in it that time genuinely does seem to pass at the speed of these deep river current sounds. It has an internal landscape that just seems to enthral me... with Dustwalker Fen have sailed with ease into a cold misty world where the harsh and the gentle slide through each other with a sleek ease. No idea what genre they are, I just call it pretty darned good" Ave Noctum




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FEN "Dustwalker" CLAMBOX ltd.ed.

FEN "Dustwalker" CLAMBOX ltd.ed.

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