JOHANN WOLFGANG POZOJ "Birth of Pozoj" Limited Ed.


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Formato: CD in tessuto fatto a mano - Limitato a 400 copie

(disponibile anche nella classica versione jewel box)


Stile: Avantgarde Black Metal


Info: J.W. Pozoj è una mistica esperienza divisa in una trilogia: Birth Of Pozoj, Escape of Pozoj e Return of Pozoj. Grottesco, dissonante Avantgarde Black Metal con inaspettati colpi di scena e parti Ambient.





  • "The combining of chants, shrieks, clean vocals, gloomy and hard edge riffs, and a variety of soloing, results in a solid creation of extraordinary music bliss that keeps you begging for more."

Metal Assault radio

  • "It took me a few listens to really take in Birth of Pozoj but I’m overall very pleased with this album - I can safely say that I can’t wait to hear the second instalment of this trilogy."

Metal Tube - 8/10

  • "I would recommend to all those weirdoes out there who are willing to give it a shot, it won't be enough. Spend some time with it and it will reward you"

Metal Storm - 8/10


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JOHANN WOLFGANG POZOJ "Birth of Pozoj" Limited Ed.

JOHANN WOLFGANG POZOJ "Birth of Pozoj" Limited Ed.

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