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Our Metalcore/Deathcore sublabel
Our Metalcore/Deathcore sublabel, The Bridge essentially a passage from a point of the universe to an other. God does not know if wormhole could exist, because of the problems that wormhole will create in theory, we know that there is something fundamental in physic’s rules that will forbid it. A notion that nature will deny. Wormhole will be an unfair object, and is from, since forever, in the eye of the cosmic censorship. But… if someone will take the responsibility to make it, wormhole will born. If all this will be able to be converted in music, wormhole will born. If the impact will be immensely violent, wormhole will born. If the sun will be filled up of water, wormhole will born. If the sharks, if they will notice something, wormhole will born. If, is the space of a millimeter the distance that separates to us from death, is born wormhole. Is the temptation to be left over of a millimeter that will make wormhole born. This is our sound, fierce, sinister, gloomy and devastating that will not give some effect of temporal expansion, no contraction of the times but one simple curving of space-time. Thanks to the precious support of Auralmusic the Wormhole project, on which me and the bands worked approximately 2 years, take shape definitively. Aural music has decided to donate its great experience to us in distribution fields and label management. Alkemist Fanatix Europe will take care make you turn back. This is wormhole and will be devastating.
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Mostrando 1 - 45 di 286 articoli