Auralwebstore is a online store property of Aural Music sas, Mother Company for several cult Record Labels like code666, Dreamcell11, Eibon Records, Wormhole Death, Goregorecords, Amaranth Recordings... we are Leaders in Experimental, Avantgarde and Extreme metal bands, as well as Dark, Gothic, Ambient and Power Noise Artists. Auralwebstore it's a purely commercial site. The purpose of this site is only the SALE of music in whatever known and available media format and musical related merchandise (t-shirts, dvds, etc). For no reasons this site means to be of your reference for any other purpose, being it political, ideological or promotional.


Auralwebstore uses PayPal Shopping Cart for its ease of use, total security and Worldwide Acceptance. The prices on the site are based on € (Euro) and anyone from around the world with a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, etc...) or a PayPal balance can order safely from us. The system will convert the current exchange rate to your current currency and this will be shown on your credit card bill. Please visit to learn more about this service.

We accept Bank Transfer in Euro currency from EU Countries only .

Cash on delivery is only available for Italian Territory at the moment being.



If you need assistance or more informations strictly related to items that you intend to order and that are listed in our site, you can send a preliminary email to :



How can I obtain a paper printed catalogue?

Sorry but we don't have a printed catalogue, the one and only catalogue is this site.


What can I do if your parcel is late?

Please do not complain after 7 days after your order!! Although the post service that we use is normally quick, some delays might happen. For sure you have to send us an email if no parcel shows up after two weeks from your payment. Send us an email with your address and order date to :


Is it possible to place some changes to my order?

It is not possible to modify your order after that you have filled in your payment form.


Will the listed products be always available?

We give no such guarantee. In particular for those titles listed as Limited edition or limited stock