Aural Music is the Mother Company for several Indipendent Record Labels:

code666 -  Our “Kult” label, founded by Emiliano Lanzoni in 1999,  is now one of the most respected and considered label in the underground metal scene after discovering  bands like Ephel Duath, Negura Bunget, Aghora, Aborym, Void Of Silence, Diabolicum, Manes, Amesoeurs, Fen and many more in the avant-garde, experimental and original metal universe. With a solid backcatalogue (110.000 copies sold), a professional distribution and promotion network and a very special taste to find “the next big thing”, code666 is the dark gem of the Aural Music roster.

Dreamcell11 -   Created to discover new talented bands into dark, gothic, electro, ebm, industrial, ambient and neofolk music.  With a serious focus on quality, DreamCell11 Entertainment is the home for bands such as Theatres Des Vampires, Vlad in Tears, Ad Inferna, Dismal, Digitalis Purpurea, the Shiver…

GoreGorecords -  The sublabel of Aural Music dedicated to all those great death metal bands still buried in the tomb of underground. Focusing its eyes on bands playing the most brutal technical ferocious grooving and dynamic death metal around.

Amaranth Recordings -  Born from an idea of A&dR Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath’s Mastermind and all-around Guru) and Aural Music, responsable for Marketing and Production. Amaranth  works with genres like post-rock, electronic, trip-hop, post-hardcore and dark wave. The word “amaranth” beyond to being a clear callback to the Ephel Duath’s masterpiece album “The Painter’s Palette”, efficaciously encloses the concept that lives behind this label: “amaranth” comes from the ancient Greek, is the substantivized present participle of the verb “amaraino”, it means “not to wither, to be durable”. The connection is simple: to produce music that goes out from the actual consumerism and standardization being something that last in the time, something than does not wither.

Eibon Records -   Founded and ruled by Mauro Berchi, Eibon Records is probably one of the best label in the dark-ambient, power noise scene. A must for all the fans of the “grey music”.

WormholedeathWormholedeath is a record label, publishing and film production company born 6 years ago. The label is distributed worldwide by Aural Music Group , its pulishing division is administered by WARNER / CHAPPELL MUSIC worldwide, and digital distribution / marketing is managed by the american corporation The Orchard Inc worldwide. Among many critically acclaimed releases (more than 50 records) WHD signed bands such as Raw Power, The Way Of Purity, Phaze I (Featuring Soilwork Drummer) , Kal-El (featuring Theatre Of Tragedy drummer) and discovered successful newcomers like Mechanical God Creation, Levania, Crysalys, Underwell, Agharti, Right To The Void, Azylya and Ligtless Moor among the others…During the year 2010 WHD produced the new film from fetish queen SUSI MEDUSA GOTTARDI (Private / Showtime) called “A passage through the purity of pain”. Publishing artists include Cadaveria, Ashes To Ashes, Stamina to name a few.  Furthermore the label signed japanese legends Youthquake (featuring X-JAPAN members) and important deals were inked in Japan with labels such as Shinko Music Group, Rubicon Music, Media Factory during these years. These deals led WHD to open its office in Tokyo / Japan operated by label manager Masahiko Kishimoto. Wormholedeath is mainly focused on Modern Metal, Hardcore, Mainstream / alternative metal and Heavy Rock.

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