HORIZON ABLAZE – the Extreme Metal metal band from Norway – has signed a multi album contract with Aural Music imprint Code666. Horizon Ablaze second album titled “Dødsverk”, due for release in late February 2014, is a Nihilistic Apocalypse of Molten Extreme Metal.
Hailing from Kristiansand, Norway, HORIZON ABLAZE consist of:
  • Andrè Kvebek (ex-1349, pantheon-i, den saakaldte) – Vocals
  • Shandy McKay (ex-absu, Pantheon-i) – Guitars
  • Ole Bent Madsen (blood red throne) – Bass
  • Stian Ruethemann, Guitars and Vocals
  • Kevin Vvåle, Drums
Rough mix advance track here
Here’s what the band had to say about signing the contract and the new album:
“We are stoked to be able to announce that Horizon Ablaze have signed with Aural Music. Aural Music is exactly what Horizon Ablaze needs going forward stronger than ever. regarding the new album The time has come for Horizon Ablaze to dive deeper into its insanity, with tracks that destroys everything they’ve previously done. The new album is an ultimate testament to hate, where genres mould into something completely unique, and absurd. It’s also the first album where their native language will be the primary means of spewing destructive ideas, uplifting anti theistic views and nihilism. The only concept really touched upon on this record is to make the creepiest, darkest, most fucked up record in aeons, as it is the only way to build upon Spawn’s genuine atmosphere and develop further as a band.”

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