ENID, the german fantasy metal band, re-signed with code666 for their brand new album, here’s the official press-statement from mainman Martin Wiese:

“Folks! It’s a strange but great feeling to be back in business, so to say. ENID is a kind of Snow White these days, waking up after years of sleep, but more beautiful and riper than ever before. A lot of things have changed since 2004 and “Gradwanderer”. I’ve developed as a composer, musician and vocalist, I have worked with a totally different line-up and much more skilled musicians this time… and I took the time to work on an album as long as it was needed, for the first time in ENID’s history. I’m happy that our old label code666 is going to release this coming fifth album. Good to know that now and then taste and belief in art still prevail. If everything goes like planned, you’ll hear the result of the last years’ hard and intense work late this year. Something for your Christmas tree so to say. We’ll reveal all details about the album (title, artwork, studio reports, teasers…) during the coming weeks on our Facebook profile exclusively. Say hello and let us know if you’re still out there.”

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