After less than one year following to the release of debut album “Crosscore”, TWOP will record the awaited follow up during this summer. Tentative release schudule is set for December 2011 for Japan and January 2012 for Europe.

The band itself issued a statement:

“during the summer we started recording our new album between Europe and USA. Our second “chapter” will be titled “Equate” and will feature 11 new songs (2 bonus tracks will be added on the Japanese version). We truly believe that this very long and complex songwriting process has lead us to a new vision of our music, due to both introduction of massive melodic parts and claustrophobic explosions of violence and darkness. The extreme mix of DoomCore and New Wave is the key to understand “EQUATE” and everyone not looking far will fail. Depressive moods are created to succumb in front of the violence of reaction: every song structure is meant
to have this further signification. A big work has been done on lyrics too and our message is becoming even more effective day by day. Number “11″ in the cover artwork represents 1 against 1 so animal against human, the album is titled EQUATE. The Anti-Human symbols come from a long study and have been trasmitted to us by the powers of nature. We will not issue any further press release until the album will be ready since song titles, artwork, release dates, cooperations will be revealed directly with the first song preview around october. A studio diary will be updated on our facebook and youtube pages. Subconsciously you may equate … Become fearless”

The band will be on tour in UK from October the 15th to October the 31st.


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